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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

I got a $100.00 microscope on Amazon and spent the next couple of weeks staring through its lens at all sorts of little creatures. I simultaneously went down a black hole on youtube and curiosity stream about microbiology. I learned that our bodies are basically planets for thirty-some trillion bacterial cells that we rely on to be healthy. There is literally more bacteria in our bodies than human cells. I'm serious, look it up.

I wanted to paint what I envision as a healthy microbiome. I think that variety is the secret. Like in a jungle, the species thrive if there is variety. We need a variety of microbes so that they balance out each other's population. That made me realize that its no different in the world that we can see. We need variety. We need humans of all shapes and sizes, religions, sexual orientation, professions, etc... We need to peacefully embrace variety.

#Microbiology #Microbes #Microbios #AbstractArt #ScienceArt #AJTAK #ContemporaryArt

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