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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

This series was inspired by a children's story that I am writing. In the story there are caterpillars that guard a cracked wall. These ink paintings are part of my brainstorming process.


Caterpillar Thorn was beautiful. His pitch black bristles took on a rainbow of colors in the sunlight and his eyes were yellow. He was very large for a caterpillar. Delaani wondered about what he might look like when he morphed into a butterfly. If he morphed, that is. Thorn had already postponed becoming a pupa for a long time. Could he even morph anymore? Delaani's thoughts carried her away and Thorn seemed to realize it.

"We must guard that which protects us, we must guard it with our life." Said Thorn.

Delaani snapped back to reality. In that moment, she realized she had to come up with another plan. Caterpillar Thorn was too afraid to change his ways.

"Sometimes the things we think protects us are also the things that keep us prisoners, Mr. Thorn."

With a bit of a skip, Delanni turned on her heel and walked off with a smile. Caterpillar thorn grunted and mumbled like only an old caterpillar who never became a butterfly would.



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