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Invest in your child's creativity!

I believe that we are all natural born creators. Somewhere along the way society tells us that we have to be special to make art. I say we just have to want to make something that communicates what we feel to the world. I learned that from kids. I love working with children because they teach me a lot about how to be an artist. Rule #1. There are no rules.

Come visit my studio with your child and watch them as they paint a masterpiece for your home.

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One-on-one Session

$200 + canvas

Includes a 2 hour private, one-on-one session with your child.

Group Session

$100 + canvas per child

Minimum of 2 students per session, maximum of 5 students per session.

Includes a 2.5 hour private, group session with your children and their friends.


Photos $30.00 each child

Includes 10 edited photos of your child painting and all digital files of images taken (total amount of images taken may vary).


Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas, Level 3 by Artist's Loft®

Made with archival-quality natural cotton, heavy duty canvas. Gesso primed. Medium/rough texture surface. Frame is professionally constructed, with medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1 1/2" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars and held in place with a flexible spline, can be painted on all four edges.

24" x 36" - $59.99

24" x 48" - $64.99

30" x 40" - $69.99

36" x 36" - $74.99

30" x 48" - $79.99

36" x 48" - $84.99

48" x 48" - $94.99

48" x 60" - $109.00


Paint is included with the class.

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